In our years of business, we have been involved in the construction of roads and buildings such as factories, universities, grade schools, health care centers, and industrial parks. While giving these services, there are three essential pillars we as a company take into careful consideration in the process of developing our projects: Scheduling, Cost Control, and Quality Control. We view the act of on-time delivery of high standard projects with the cost agreed upon, as a means of increasing our reliability as a company and ways to promote a positive and sustainable relationship with our clients

Scheduling (Timing)

After a design review is conducted and the scope of the work becomes well identified, we prepare a realistic master schedule which takes into consideration the project completion time.

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Cost Control

M.O.G.C. gives the necessary attention to ensure the project is completed within its intended budget. When an unavoidable change orders are given to us, we propose a cost-effective way of carrying on with the task given to us.

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Quality Control

M.O.G.C takes quality assurance into careful consideration while undergoing the projects. M.O.G.C. follows certain quality control procedures in order to make sure the work meets the contractual requirements our clients submit.

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