Inauguration of a Bridge in Dodola

Congratulations on the inauguration of the bridge built by our company and officially handed over to the community on October 10th, 2021. This is a bridge that serves the community of Dodola town; especially those in Deneba and Kechema kebeles, whose livelihoods heavily depend on their interactions with the town and beyond via trade and in regards to other social matters. As we have learned from the community, many cattle and a number of people have been swept away by the sudden floods during the rainy season. At times, people had to stay the night at the bank of the river until they made sure the level of water has receded.
Now that the bridge is functional, people of the community, light vehicles, heavy trucks, and agricultural machinery can cross the river safely.
We built this bridge as a way to give back to the society that accepted us with open arms. Congratulations again!

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