About Us

Efficiency, Integrity, Commitment

Mesay Oli General Contractor has been in the construction business in Ethiopia since 1996 G.C. The company was first established as a Grade VII Building Contractor and worked its way up to becoming a Grade I General Contractor with a headquarter in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa.

In our long years of operation, we have taken on projects ranging from small scale constructions, to complex buildings and infrastructures in different parts of the country. We have received recognition for delivering our projects in a timely manner with an exceptional quality.

Our hallmark is our clients’ trust that we acquired and the long-lasting relationships we created alongside. The strong relationship we have with our customers is one of the qualities we as a company take pride in. In this regard, we have clients we worked with for over 10 consecutive years.

Despite facing some of the challenges in the industry, M.O.G.C has been able to maintain strong ethical practices and great project performances throughout its many years of service. We as a company abide by the values and policies that are set for the smooth and principled running of the company.

Currently, we have 270 permanent employees and about 810 temporary laborers who are dedicated in realizing the relentless efforts of the company to satisfy its clients by providing unmatched services.